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Site Acres
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Standard Garden Maintenance Work Specification
Grassed Areas and Lawns
  • Remove all litter
  • Cut grass to length according to ground conditions
  • Ride-on Lawnmower for larger areas available
  • Dispose of all cuttings
  • Strim edges of all grass to the same length as the cut
  • Application of weed and feed to the grass can be under taken if requested
  • Trim new growth so that the hedges remain defined at all times
  • Remove all litter
  • Dispose of all cuttings

Beds and Borders

  • Remove large weeds
  • Hoe small weeds in beds
  • Apply weed killer
  • Turn beds over regularly
  • Edge all beds and tree circles where appropriate
  • Remove all litter
All other areas
  • Remove all litter
  • Remove large weeds
  • Apply weed killer
  • Sweep all areas clear including car parks, paths and kerb lines

Please note that this is our standard specification and we are more than happy to tailor this to your needs or incorporate your own.



Standard Communal Cleaning Specification

Areas include

  • Entrance area steps and front door
  • All internal communal areas and hallways
  • Main stairways

Once per month

  • Dust all light fittings, internal and external, reachable from floor level
  • Remove marks on walls if possible with damp cloth
  • Sweep out and disinfect bin stores

Every visit

  • Sweep entrance
  • Wash entrance area if required
  • Wipe down front door and polish any door furniture
  • Clean all glass on doors on both sides
  • Wipe over intercom system if applicable
  • Wipe clean light switches
  • Shake out door mats if applicable
  • Dust interior ledges and skirting boards reachable from floor level
  • Dust and polish hand rails
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Vacuum or sweep and mop all uncarpeted areas
  • Check all lights and replace bulbs as required (extra charge applies)
  • Remove to bins all unwanted post and circulars
  • Report any works out of remit
  • Clean internal windows reachable from floor level                            













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